Down Limestone

Did you know that the Empire State Building in NYC has 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone?

Limestone is a rugged, attractive and durable stone that has a vast array of applications in your past. Most often used for creating natural looking rock gardens or pathways.

Pathways and Patios


Raised Beds

Accent Boulders

Down Limestone

1/4 down

3/4 down

2 inch down

4 inch down

6 inch down

Did you know?

The benefits of limestone:

High in calcium: Helps makes lawns green.

Curbs pollution: Removes sulfur dioxide from coal plant smokestacks.

Good for ponds: Increases nutrient availability, fish growth and alkalinity.

Water treatment: Helps to remove excessive iron from water, reduce water pH.

Building materials: Is an essential component in concrete.

Decorative floor covering: Travertine tile is a form of banded limestone.