What type of contracting jobs we take?

At Blackstone Contracting, we offer a variety of commercial services from Excavation, Snow clearing, Landscaping supplies and installation, Gravel supply, Sidewalk repair, Grading, Parking lot repairs and maintenance and more. Please feel free to call us at 204 806 9939 or use the contact page form on the website and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you do emergency snow clearing in Winnipeg?

Yes, we do, call us for more info.

Do you maintain commercial properties outside Winnipeg?

At Blackstone Contracting, we are experienced in maintaining commercial properties from Apartment buildings, Condos, to Casinos parking lots. Call us to get a quote for your property maintenance in and around Winnipeg

Do you supply Gravel?

Yes, we do.

Can you fix potholes in our parking lots?

Yes, that is one of our specialties.

How long should an asphalt parking lot last?

On average 15 years. There are many variables involved in pavement life cycles. With a regular cleaning, crack sealing and sealcoating plan, asphalt can last up to 30 years easily.

How long does line painting take to dry?

This depends on the paint type. But our most popular paint dries in 10 minutes. Traffic can drive on it in 20 mins.

How far apart should parking lot lines be?

This will vary based on the lot. But the average stall width is 9' wide by 18' long.

How often should you seal coat asphalt parking lot?

2-3 years is a good time frame to maintain a protective sealcoating. The longer the time the worse off you will be.

Does a handicap spot need to be painted?

Yes. In fact handicap spots should to be painted EVERY YEAR! Even if you don’t paint your lot, clear and high contrast paint is part of the updating By-Laws. Fines can be handed out for minor deficiencies. Ask about our Parking Lot Accessibility Compliance program to keep you updated every year.

Do handicap spaces need a signs?

Yes. All accessibility spots must have a sign in addition to the paint. This sign must follow the local municipal by-law. Some municipalities have different sign and placement requirements. We can help get you compliant and keep you complaint every year to avoid fines.